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Alright so I have multiple issues so I'll try to explain them as clearly as possible. Please help!

- It started out as a virus from a supposed "Anti-virus software program" but it was actually a virus. Originally I could log on but couldnt get onto the internet or the only site it would go to would be for this antivirus program telling me to buy it.

- Now I get a completely black screen. When I restart the computer I get the options of "starting windows normally" "start in safe mode" etc etc and when I chose any of the options the screen just turns black. EVERY single option.

- I got the operating program disk to put it into recovery console and that worked for a bit but now I get to the blue screen where it says windows set up and before I can get to the option asking whether I want to go into recovery console it says that "x file is corrupt" each time i restart it, it says its corrupt.

I cannot get onto windows at all.. any suggestions?

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Best option is wiping the OS and starting over anew, given you likely have all your critical software on it, I would suggest attaching to a healthy computer and running diagnostics on it and moving GOOD files off of it before wiping. It's always a bad idea to use unknown, untested software as you did, that's a known Malware, fake Antivirus tools, that are also Adware. It sounds well infected, but daisy chained to another computer and if it shows up in My Computer, run some GOOD antivirus scans on it and then move what you can off it, Worms and other bad or tough Malware can stir up the Windows Registry to the point where to weed out damage, you must manually delete and replace any file they touch (infect), it's tedius work) Rootkits and worms are not easy to spot, Some you will try and clear out, and they re-initialize as soon as you boot up so they are still causing major problems. Look online at what recommended free tools you can use. I use Avast as well as Grisoft AVG.

before you format your hard drive, you can backup some documents using a bootable cd. it's easy to operate.


it a very handy tool...

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