my desktop is suffering from blue screen error and when i attempt to reinstall windows i dont get any message that contains "press any key to boot from cd." i change my 1st boot to cd then my second is hard disk but when i restart its just a black screen with blinking underscore for about 2 mins. then it will go to windows after that blue screen again and restart!

hope you can help me.

Hi there you're hard disk may have some trouble, before formatting it check firswt the jumper of your disk if it is in MASTER setting, and also your cd/dvd drive in SLAVE. if still you can't format your disk, the last option is to change a new one. ^_^

try this it may be useful,
when your computer starts(before getting to the blue screen) press F8 a menu will appear, choose the "safe mode" when you get there try to restore your system from a previous point

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