I have an Acer Aspire 4720Z. I was on the Internet last night when my screen blinked. About 20 minutes later my screen froze, so I turned it off. This morning I turned it on, and logged in. The screen is blank. I've tried turning it off and on with the same results. I don't want to reboot it because I've got some files that I need that are only on this laptop. Any suggestions? Please help!

rebooting wont destroy files.

more information needed.
Laptops often overeat and need time to cool down before working, again.

screen blinking and freezing canbe a sign of overhaet (or many other things viruses, failing screen, failing chips, bad memory ...) but my suspiscion is cool everythning (I have siuggested to clietns put in freezer!) no hte machine not the client!
If that does nt cure it then the problem maylie in the screen video area


I'll try that and see if it works. Thanks! :)

The screen is not blank until I've logged in that's when it goes blank.

There is not a lot wrong with the computer!
The login problem is a software one and I cannot help on that.
Try loggining in as another administrator (ADMINistrator / Administrator and see is thse id passwds can help.
It seems as though there is a osftware block preventing youlogging in.

as all the required software in normally up and running prior to login time

Safe mode or las known good configuration may be worth a try. INSTRUCTIONS

M and Rik,
I tried opening it in safe mode. The only thing that would show up was the words safe mode at the bottom and top of the screen otherwise it was blank. When I hit F8 it went to the safe mode screen with system repair as one of the options. I am trying that. Hopefully it works. Thanks so much for all the help!

I have tried to reboot it, and this is what it reads:

PXE-E61: Media test failure, check cable
PXE-M0F: Exiting Broadcom PXE ROM.
Operating System not found

I'm thinking this cannot be good. What does it mean?

Sounds like the hard drive may have had it.

someone please help.started up acer 5550 two days ago-blue screen"dumping crash files"tried all combos known to me ALT-F10 etc.finally tried to recover with start up discs ,nothing...last resort tried factory restore,since then totally black screen,removed battery from computer and ac supply for a few hours,only have fan,green power light and a very weak attemt to start up,,pleeeeese help

if any machine wont start from recovery disks or safe mode (or better a boot any CD disk) then there are one of three things wrong
1: The disk drive (cd) is not working or become disconnected.
2: The memory is not functioning there are test programs available)
3: There is a fault on the motherboard (or processor)

This all assumes that you have got mains feed and a battery fitted;

If you can get hold of a boot disk that has dia

You possibly either have a faulty hard drive or faulty ram. Google for free test software and test both!

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