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hard disk has crashed already now i want to installed new hardisk i dont know how install and o the partioning so advice me how to fix this issue

U please go to windows help and support center. There is it explained in detail how to install and partition hard windows and haed disk. I suggest this because it will take too much time to explain the method of installation. Good luck!


if this is the first time you're going to change and install a hard disk i suggest get a friend who knows about this to guide you... anyway, if you want to give a try..then open up your PC.. then check the cable arrangement and how it is connected make sure you remember how is it installed before removing it.. so you will not find a hard time to install the new one..

the hard disk that crashed is your data hard disk or is it your bootable hard disk that loads windows?

if it is the hard disk that loads windows then you need to have a copy of your OS disc.. if only the data hard disk then check link below on how to format and partition.

here's a link on how to format and partition -> http://www.syschat.com/how-partition-format-hard-drives-windows-1827.html

Good luck!


u can use windows xp cd for it. you can do it very easily by this. when u install it in you hard drive then please read all thing step by step. important massage show bellow of the screen. one of the screen show some massage like: " partition with fat32......." you choose this option. and then 1st enter the mb (for c drive). and then enter for other drive step by step. when u 1st enter for c drive then u return automatically back page for other partition.I think this page you need to press "c" for create and "d" for delete partition. read well and then do it. not so hard but carefully do it.

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