I have an "old" (5years) DELL Latitude D610.
Everything was fine, until it hung in Windows.

When I tried to reboot it, something very strange happend : Most of the time Bios load stops at approx. 1/5th of the full bar.

Other symptoms which happen sometimes :
- Bios load is fast until half of the bar, then it takes ages to load the second hald and then hangs without going to Windows.
- Sometimes, Windows boots, but then it "seems to hangs" after some minutes (actually Windows is really slow to reply to a Ctrl+Alt+Del for instance), or if I hit the power button, the shutdown windows appears after 30-60s but no luck to press Enter then to accept, and mouse is not working then.

But the bios stopping at the 1/5th is the most frequent case.

I tried to do the following :
- remove / replace memory
- remove / replace keyboard (obviously)
- boot with / without Optical Drive (taken out of the laptop)
- boot with / without Battery
- boot with / without docking station
- Clear CMOS (remove the coin-battery , wait minutes, and put it back). The BIOS was well cleared as BIOS asked me to enter back SETUP so set Date and Time. After resetting values, values were kept correctly after reboot.

I have never seen such behavior.
My guess is that the coin-cell battery is dead ... but hard to mesure how much is left inside.

Any ideas please ?



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There should be "Quick POST" setting in your BIOS.

You should disable it to see if any POST error messages will shed some light on your case.

Also, if possible, look into event logs (part of administrative tools) to see if there are any error messages or warnings.

While you're at it, check the hardware manager for yellow exclamation marks.

You should send it to technical service

Thanks for the replies ...
Unfortunately no progress ... no BIOS option to have more details ...
the only point that I figured out is that Windows boots (stays up for 10 min and freezes) if computer has not been used for ~3h ... then impossible to boot at the bios later on ... until you wait 3 more hours ...

So now I m guessing it might be a Capacitor / Condensator (do not know the word in English) charging up ... and then not unloading ...

Btw, Fan is working as I can see it turn below my "wild" keyboard :D

Any more ideas welcome ?


Had the same problem... found that pushing down on the left side of the track-pad would cause everthing to run fine.

Eventually found that the harddrive IDE conector is situated slightly to the left below track-pad.

I am still in the process of fixing this, but believe it is a lose connection on the IDE connector to the motherboard.

(PS: u can test for yourself by pulling out the harddrive as windows is running... it hangs.. slide it back in, and it runs again)

Oh, and the lack of coms with the harddrive can cause your BIOS to hang, as your BIOS does look for a hardrive, and checks that the OS was shut-down properly to decide whether it must do a thorough or minimal POST.... no harddrive, and your BIOS hangs.


I have an DELL Latitude D610, not Booting , pwer led is on.-poojarajan


I have an DELL Latitude D610, not Booting , pwer led is on.-poojarajan

saya mau tanya saya punya latitude dell d610 takkala di hidupkan tampil bacaan *MANUFACTURING MODE: LEVEL (67)* Prees Fn-X to return the system to normal running mode. lalu saya tekan Fn-X lalu muncul Warning! Battery is critically low. Hit F1 to continue. lalu saya tekan F1. kemudian muncul internal HDD Hard error!
the computer is docked......lalu muncul Sriket the F1 key to shutdown.Help solusionnya....

This problem is related to ICH (south Bridge).

I have Latitude D610.It works for some time like 15.20 mint & then freezz....No mouse workng nthing.when i restart it it freezz in bios........I Dont knw wht is the prob..plzz help me??????????

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