ok so i have a dell purchased computer thats sealed shut. i can't remove the shell and i don't have money anyways for new hardware. however on a whim (stupid me) i went and purchased a VGA to S-VIDEO / RCA CONVERTER CABLE. the computer has an Intel 82845G controller. how can i get these to work together to get my computer to display on my TV. if i need to buy anything it would be nice if it was under $10. Thank you so much for any help.

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try this link

Check to be sure that you have the driver installed, and try to update it if possible. Also be sure that it works (at least with a monitor). One other thing; be sure to change the TV input (VID, AUX1, AUX2, etc...) to match the input on the back of the TV. Not to discourage you, but if it is CRT-tube TV they display text very poorly, and gaming on large sets is very graphics intensive. Good luck, Mav.

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