Heres how it started out

I left my computer on last night went to school and got home around 3 PM. turned off my pc. turned it back on a few hours later to listen to music. 30 mins later my computer just retarts on its own. ok? not normal. left it off for 30min. turned it back on and now my comp starts freezing up. try to re install windows... now its shutting off! ouch... this really hurts as I have things to turn in for school and whatnot.

I try to get to the BIOS by repidly pressing F2 and some screen poped up [ with the specs etc] and at the bottom it said that the system was shut do due to overheating etc. So i bought some new thermal compound paste and removed the old one. [alcohol with clog]. I reset the BIOs [ by switching the BIOs thingy located around the bottom of the memory slots ] and tried to reinstall them with my intel CD. When I turn on my pc now my monitor would not display anything nor would my mouse or keyboard light up.

Intel 3Ghz Socket T
2x 200GB Hard Drives
Audigy Sound Card

Thanks for your help,


ps. i do remember a long wierd beep before the signal dropped it was like beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep im not sure if it followed some rapid beeps after. i do believe i was holdin down the enter key

One common mistake is too much of a good thing ie.. thermal grease.

Recheck that you dont have goo running over the sides of the cpu.

Did you allow enough time for the alcohol to dry before trying to power up.?

Recheck that the heatsink is properly secured... and plugged in..

nope. i checked the grease and it doesnt seem to be running inside the cpu. the heatsink is properly mounted.

I assume you are or were running XP SP2?

You might try using F12 for boot menu info and F8 for Safe mode options.
After of course we get your computer starting..


First. What kind of Motherboard are we working with? This will at least tell me where you need to look for the CMOS jumpers.

If you know where the CMOS jumpers are. Move the jumpers off pins 1 & 2 onto 2 & 3 ... wait 30 seconds and switch them back.

Try to boot.

If this fails.

Switch the jumpers back to 2 & 3 and attempt to boot. Immediately shut down as soon as anything happens. and switch the jumpers back to 1 & 2.. then attempt to boot...

This should atleast do something ;)...

I bought another psu and motherboard... seems like the cpu is dead. wish i hadnt thrown out the retail box and stuff... or is the warranty still valid?

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