I have some probleum to copy the file to my CD.
Why my CD-Rom can only burn CD-RW & not CD-R, but b4 it can burn
anything including the CD-R.

After I copy the CD, it appear that:-
(cannot complete the CD writing wizard
There was an error in the writing processs.
The disk you have attempted to write may no longer be usable.)

Can u help me to solve the probleum.thanks!

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First thing you would want to try is burning the CD at the slowest speed possible. Some CD-Rs will not write at anything faster than 4x.


try re-installing your burning software, if it doesn't help it could be your cd-writer problem.. try also experimenting different brand of disc, check if same problem will occur...

re-install the ide controllers, re-install the burning software. try to burn from within xp, as opposed to nero ( i think thats what your using) most def. try a different brand of disc. i troubleshot the crap out of my burner before realizing i had a defective 50 pack of memorex cd's.

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