err, if a mobo only supports up to 333fsb, and the cpu is 400fsb... are they compatible?

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What's the mobo and CPU in question?

The cpu is an amd athlon xp 3200... the board I can't actually find info on it, I was looking up the wrong review so I still don't know if it's 400fsb or not.

It's Albatron KX18D Pro, know anything about it?

...just found something


200/266/333 /400+(by overclocking) MHz

Does that mean it has an fsb of 400? Or does it mean you can obtain an fsb of 400 by overclocking.

Yep, that's an nForce2 Ultra chipset motherboard, and will handle a 400MHz fsb, Athlon XP3200+ no worries!

Make sure you're using PC3200 DDR RAM with it, so you can run your fsb and memory 'in sync' and get the best performance from it ;)

Yeah I am :)

I just can't wait to get my system. Do you think 512mb of ram is a standard yet? What is the ideal amount of Ram do you think...? I have 512, I have my whole system, I'm just waiting on the cpu, mobo and monitor to get here so I can finally use my system! It's mainly going to be used for programming and minor 3d design.

512Mb if you run it as a dedicated games machine or for everyday applications use.

1Gb if you have heavy usage, or wish to swap in and out between games and applications, without exiting programs. I use 1Gb myself, for my Games and household system, and 512Mb for this work system I'm on now.

I consider Windows XP to run like a dog on 256Mb or less, and would suggest that 384Mb should be the minimum amount used for that OS.

Thanks, I think I might just grab another 512 stick in a month or two

Try to ensure it's the same make/model as what you already have. Running different brands or models can create stability issues that weren't there before.

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