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hi!! im new here, i just search for some1 to help me out with my computer problems, im from philippines. i just wanna ask if my processor is defective or what, this what just happened, i have a p4 2.4ghz ecs motherboard 256 ddram. my pc is dead as hell. it wont open up. i tried removing the video card and w8 for some beeping sound it doesnt detect it i tried removing the memory and video card still no beeping sound. last time i know its just workin fine now its dead.. could u please help me out so i could know if my motherboard or my processor is defective but i think its my motherboard. i just wanna make sure. thank you very much. ;)

It is tough it figure out which is defective.
I personally have seen more fried CPU's than I have defective boards.

Most of the boards I did find to be bad had been flashed into the next dimension...

I would look carefully at your cpu for signs of heat related scorching or lack of thermal grease etc.

I keep a spare motherboard around for testing, actually I lie, I keep tons of $hit all over the place in hopes that someday I will find a use for it.. but hey, occasionally I do find something useful or put something to good use.

Good luck ...
Maybe someone here will have a better idea.

Hmm... have you thought about the power supply.

Make sure the voltage setting is correct. Also there is a fuse reset button on the side of your Power supply.

Try that. Depending of if you have recently had a storm or not .. you may have had a power surge... or maybe the voltage switch just got tripped ;)

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