Okay Guys Please help me out wit this

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I No Longer have a Compaq Computer.
Now what i have done is Bought this MSI K7N2 DELTA2 MotherBoard and case.I did buy a new in the box power supply from the Thrift Store, do you think this might be the problem? If so, how can I check to make sure this is working properly? (Even tho i know its not it)
Because the Fan is Running.

Used the same AMD CPU,CD/DVD COMBO,DVDPLAYER,HD 40GB,and the
Now about the Memory it's not SDRAM anymore its DDR and we had bought these 2 items only.

MotherBoard and Memory 512 DDR Generic!

But i have been haveing countless problems...
The Screen will not turn on from its sleep! and also i have got these from (PCClub). Now the 1st MotherBoard i got was Messed up which has been taken back and replaced with the same MotherBoard, but although, the man there used his CPU and Memory on this Board and Video Card and it worked! but when i tryed it here, didnt work, So what do you guys think the problem is?


The Store's Page of the MotherBoard!

512MB DDR400 PC3200 Memory

Just because the fan is spinning does not mean the power supply is working or had the wattage necessary for your computer.

You dont say what the wattage of the power supply is..?

You dont say what speed cpu you have...

What other cards or devices are you running...

Try this website to determine your wattage...


If you dont have the right power... You dont have anything.....

Please don't cross post topics in different sections. Answer the questions I've asked in your Windows XP section topic. I'll close this thread because it's the second one I've seen and at first sight it seems like simply a power settings problem, not a hardware one.

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