I have a g4 ibook running OSX (Panther). After installing Norton System Works my system started running slow. I tried to remove the program, but when I tried to access my applications to do so everything kept freezing up. I restarted w/ the OS disk and ran Disk Utility. It was slow going, so I left it alone for a while and when I came back to check on it my screen was black. I thought it was on standby, but it wouldn't come back up (I even tried closing the top and reopening it but it did no good) so I powered it off by holding down the power key. I restarted and decided to do a fresh install of the OS, but when I get to the stage of choosing a volume to intall it the hard drive doesn't show up. I tried running Disk Utility again but the hard drive doesn't show up there either. Am I just screwed or is there anything I can do? Any advice would be appeciated.

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That definitely sucks. I wish you'd asked somewhere before trying Norton anything for OS X. You would have definitely been disuaded. You did most of what you can do.. if you booted from the CD and the drive won't show up in Disk Utility, there's not much else you can do. You could try Disk Warrior or Tech Tool Pro, but I wouldn't be on it working. If you're still under warranty, take it to a Certified Apple Repair Center. If not, you could attempt to replace the hard drive yourself, but unless you're very comfortable inside your computer, I suggest taking it to a Certified Apple Repair Center and have them replace the hard drive.

Hope you have a back up!

The hard drive showed up after leaving the computer off for a bit. Still haven't had much luck though. Used Disk Utility to repair the disk, but there was an error. Tried to reinstall the OS, but encountered errors. Tried to erase the disk (I have all my data backed up) but I only got an interminable rainbow ball. Switched to a friend's somewhat more recent start up disk and tried everything again. I think I succeeded in erasing the disk, but I have to wait to be sure as no volume appeared when I tried to install the OS afterwards (everytime I try something and fail I have to leave the computer off for about an hour, otherwise the HD won't show up!) Would Disk Warrior help me if I don't need to recover any data? Could it be a physical problem? I've got an extended warranty from Comp USA if everything else fails, but I'd like to fix it myself if I can.

DW might help, but it's not cheap to try on a longshot. But really, if you're attempting to erase it (might I suggest zeroing all data) and it's failing.. chances are that it's not going to be fixed by any software. Your best bet, IMO, take it in for service, i.e., get the disk replaced.

Is there anyone here who can give me a site where I can download a free full version or demo of Disk Warrior? :cry:

I have the same problem in my hard drives and I'm in a less budget to purchase it. :o

Thanks. :mrgreen:

No such animal as a (legal) "full free version" or "demo" of DiskWarrior.

here are some suggestions, although I can't promise you any of them will work...

remove battery and disconnect power supply...if there is a small recessed button somewhere on the case, hold it in with a paper clip for 30 seconds...let the computer sit unplugged for at least 5 minutes

reconnect only the power supply and zap the PRAM

attempt to boot to the install CD and run Disk Utility...if the disk still fails to show up, try the format options and use HFS+ format

if that fails, use Diskwarrior if possible

if all fails, try to find another Mac and boot your laptop in Firewire Disk mode...attempt to erase/format the laptop drive from the other Mac

good luck!

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