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I have a pc that once powered on gives out 10 beeps (3-4-3) & nothing is displayed on the monitor at all. Any help appreciated as to what the problem is.

Depending on your knowledge and skill base, in other words if you are prepared to dive into your PC and start removing parts, then first try removing all non critical components, one at a time and see if that has any effect, the first part to try would be the Modem. it sounds like some hardware part has failed and its a matter of finding out which component thats faulty. If you are not happy about working with the components of a PC then contact a repair firm for advice, or service. If you do it yourself remember to wear antistatic protection. If the PC is under warranty still return it to the place of purchase.


as DLH suggested, find out what type of BIOS you have, then look for the error codes, but going by what you say about having nothing on the screen at all, that is sounding like a graphics problem with either your onboard chip ( if you have onboard) or the graphic card is the problem. One question/suggetion, Has the PC been moved/ dropped or banged latley ? the graphic card may have moved and not making contact, if you DO have a graphic card, and not onboard graphics then I suggest you remove the card and reseat it back in the AGP /PCI slot( depending on what sort you have)then see if that fixes the problem. If it still wont show any graphics at all then I suggest you either take it to a repair shop, or get a service technician to come and see you, mind you i Have no idea as to the cost of an onsite service call where you live, but here in new zealand you would be looking at about $80-$120.One way to tell if it is the graphic card is to install another one, either beg steal or borrow and replace it to at least find out if it is a faulty card/chip. One question, does the PC actually attempt to start, then you get the beeps and it shuts down, or does it just "hang on the beeps"?


Sorted! thanks for the web link. it was the graphics card that was the problem. just stuck in a new graphics card & PC now boots up.

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