Whe the power button is presed on our Dell desktop, nothing happens. Everything else is still on, including monitor, printer, etc.

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Do you mean it wont start up properly?

When the power button is pressed, the computer will not turn on at all.

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There's a large number of possibilities. Assuming the computer is plugged in and the switch on the power supply (if there is one) is on, I would next look at the power supply itself. Over the years, I've had to replace the power supply in various computers after they fail. Also check if any fans in your computer turn for even a moment upon pressing the power button.

If you do need to replace the power supply, the task of doing so is relatively easy.

To tell if your PSU fires up or not you can disconnect it from the mobo then use a piece of wire to short the green wire to any black one. If nothing happens when you do this (provided the mains is plugged in and the PSU has power) then the PSU is a dodo and requires replacement.

This is not a definitive test, it can fire up and still be faulty but if it doesn't fire up it's dead for sure.

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My aux and power buttons, along with my sound, no longer work.

The only post I've found that even mentions these symptoms is by Jim Morris:

He said it had something to do with the "/etc/matchbox/session" being accidentally corrupted.

I too have tweaked this file when I added "keyboard" to the session file (so the keyboard icon shows up in the corner of the screen).

However, I'm not sure if this the cause, because the session file seems to function fine either way. I've tried reverting the file (by removed "keyboard"), but that doesn't do anything except remove the keyboard toggle icon.

Now, here's the really strange part:
If I uninstall some random app... any app... after a few seconds, PRESTO! The start-up sound file suddenly chimes (the one you'd normally hear when the phone boots up) and the aux/power buttons work again!

Unfortunately, this is short-lived: if I restart the phone, the buttons and sound stop working again :(

This is driving me batty. Any suggestions would be welcomed.

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