hey guys, heres one for ya....
im about to buy a whole set of brand new components including a HiperPower580Watt PSU
thing is... something that im not sure about...:confused:
take a look at this motherboard..


as u can see in the picture.. there is a 4pin psu connector near the cpu socket, aswell as there being a 24pin socket in the usual place, my psu comes with one 4pin socket and so (i think) does every other psu :S so.. my question is...

where should the 4pin plug go? with the 20pin plug in the 24pin socket? or in the plug by the cpu socket.:?:

is there a difference between the two?.... why are there 2 places that it can go?, its the only thing that is holding me back and i would really like to go ahead and order this stuff but this thing is bugging me, and i need to be sure about it.

thanks for any help!

Danniboy. ;)

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Hey Dannyboy

To answer your question, the 4 pin plug that comes with the PSU (the one with two yellow and two black wires) will plug into the 4 pin socket near the CPU. This one powers the CPU itself.

The other 4 pin connector you talk about is next to the 20 pin power connector. Some motherboards (like the one you plan to get) require this additional power connector due to the sheer amount of power they consume. So, make sure you get a PSU that has a 24 pin power connector. This connector may be one single 24 pin connector, or may consist of 2 connectors -- one 20 pin connector and another 4 pin connecor (which will not fit into the socket near the CPU)

Hope this helps.


There is only the one P4 four pin connector ( two yellow and two black wires) which connects next to the CPU and only goes on one way.

There is only one 24 pin connector, and you know where it goes, and it too will only go in one way. In the picture I saw of you PSU I couldn't tell if it has a detachable four pin section so that it can be used with older 20 pin motherboards, my PSU has that feature, it just slides up and off. You will want that connected to the other 20 pin connector. Some 24 pin motherboards will not power up properly without the other four pins.

Goldeagle2005...your response wasn't posted at the time I was looking up his PSU, but it's good to see that great minds think alike. ;)


Goldeagle2005...your response wasn't posted at the time I was looking up his PSU, but it's good to see that great minds think alike. ;)

You stole my line. :mrgreen:


thank you, that is helpful,
so i DEFINATELY need not only all 24pins filled but also the extra 4pin plug near the cpu.
here is the psu i plan on getting...

heres another situation for u that is also related to my question..
a friend of mines computer was very noisey due to a loud psu, so, i bought her a new one, and when i came to install it, there were the same plugs as what im going to have on my mobo for the psu,
thing is... in hers with her existing psu, it only had a 20pin connector plugged in and a 4pin connector in the one by the cpu, so, i did exactly the same config with the psu that i bought for her.. pretty much the same sorta thing as the one im getting, and when we powered it up, it wouldnt work for more than a few seconds :s (neither the existing, nor the new one had an extra 4pin plug, only the 24pin with detachable 4pin plug)
in the end we simply reconnected the old loud psu to how it was originally and it works fine, but isnt that weird? or was it something i missed? - also, i went home and tested it on my current mobo to check if it was a faulty psu (my mobo atm only requres the 20pin connector) and it still didnt work.
i came to the conclusion that it was faulty and am about to send it back.

p.s do you think the psu unit i have chosen is ok for the motherboard?
i simply need to make sure that is has the 24pin connector ASWELL AS an extra 4pin connector right?

thanks alot, much appreciated :)



The PSU that you have listed is the same one that you listed in the first post in this thread, and we've already told you it would work and how to use it.

The question whether this PSU will work isn't going to be the issue, it's going to be what you are going to have in the system. With 580W you should be able to do most what ever you want...to a point.

If your friends motherboard only has a 20 pin PSU connector then you should be able to disconnect the last four pins of the 24 pin connector and use it like that. What color are the four wires on the four pin connector that you were referring to that you attached to her motherboard?

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