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I have the same machine, the T6534, and I too need to hold down the power button to turn the computer off and then turn it on again to have it boot. When I turn it on it does not do anything except run the fan, then after the force power down and switch on it works. The guy who started this said he changed his PS and did not work. Any thoughts?

Thanks for any help....


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ok so i am having a similar problem with my pc, when i turn it on it goes throught the POST but then it just stays on the Asus screen, it does not make a difference if i turn the pc of via hard shut down or restart! But what ive noticed is that when i turn the pc of via the power button on the psu and then turn the pc on to discharge the caps it then turns on with out a problem!i have not had a chance to test a different PSU or take out the motherboard but i would suggest starting from the top and try a new psu on your system!

Thanks, I'll try the new PS soon... Any suggested power supply? (Brand, model...)

re-boot to your recovery disk or replace your processor chip..