I have an ATI 3D rage II+dvd video/tv tuner card. I think it's and older card but its ok for what I need it for does any one know where I can get the program to view TV through it. I don't need the driver windows 2000 pro finds it. The specs on the machine are Pentium 233 with 65 megs of ram, windows 2000 pro, 6.4 gig hard drive and a 20 times cd-rom. any help would be greatly apprecitated. thanks

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As far as I know, you'd need the proprietary ATi software. Check ati's website is all I can offer. A friend of mine has an ATi All-in-Wonder video card/built-in tv tuner and the ATi TV Wonder software is the only thing that will work.

i have this card (3d rage ii dvd )(3d rage ii pci)
and i searsh to driver so much and i can't find it
can u help me
the card include a tv tunner

well I have one too and need drivers for win 2k and the tv software. id appreciate if anyone found these drivers. i have my own tv plug in my room and would like to use it.
pc im currently building: intel pentium 4 2.53 ghz , intel pentium 4 desktop board , 128 mb video ati radeon , 4 gb ddr2 ram , dvd burner , windows 2000 sp 4 (just because!) , 500gb western digitnal caviar blue sata , and water cooling!!!

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