Recently Decided To Upgrade My Mobo.bought Xfx Nf24 Alh
Mobo,athlonxp 2600+ Cpu And 512 Mb Ddr Pc2700.
Put Everything Together And .....nothing!
The Board Powers Up Ok But I Dont Get Any Screen On My Monitor.the Monitor Is Fine(works With My Old System)
The Graphic Cards Both Work (agp And Pci)and My Psu Is A 400w Dual Fan Unit,so No Problems There.
I've Had The Components Tested And All Are Working!
A Tech Guy Said I Should Boot Up The Machine With Just The Floppy Connected,as I Already Have Xp Installed On The Hard Drive.
The Xfx Website Has Nothing To Help......
Anyone Out!

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Do you hear a post beep? If not then maybe the speaker isn't connectec properly so make sure it is and you may be able to troubleshoot it with the beep codes. Have you tried different RAM or reseating what you have, have you cleared the CMOS with the jumper on the board?

Tried Different Ram,still No Joy.haven't Reset The Cmos Though.
The Reseller I Bought It From Has Said Everything
Is Fine,he's Just Phoned Me An Hour Ago.
Said Its Waiting To Boot Up?
I'm Gonna Collect The Board On Saturday.

All Sorted!replaced The 400w Dual Fan With A 300w Bog Standard One , And Now Its Up And Running!

Interesting, I am having a similar problem with an xfx kt400 anb motherboard. I had it running since last summer and all of a sudden i turn it on yesterday and nothing, no post beep, no boot, no nothing. i've tried everything i can think of but nothing works. Any ideas?

I have an XFX motherboard too, and when I try to do a bit of overclocking on it, it gets locked up, will power on but wont post.

To amend this you have to disconnect all power to the motherboard, and blank the cmos, also if that dont work remove the cmos battery, and then re-insert it, you may have to do this a few times, it usually then kickstarts again.

I have been having a similar problem. I have tried getting a hold of XFX but no emails back yet. I have a KT400 ANB also which is running an Athalon 2600+, PC2700 (333mhz) DDR. The DDR is definatley running at 333, but when I try to set jumper for the fsb to the 333mhz config it wont boot. I have to leave the fsb jumper at the 266mhz setting. I have tried setting the fsb clock in the bios to 165, which is 333, and then change the jumper but still have the same problem. I wish XFX would step up to the plate on this one.

I am having trouble getting sound the sound card driver shows to be working and i have new speakers and my sound worked until my computer crashed how can I fix this problem please help

You may need to reinstall the driver, or enter the Bios at startup and disable the onboard audio if there is any. If you have it off and unplugged it is sometimes a good idea to try "reseating" the card. In other words take it out and put it back in, in hopes of it making a better connection.

Good news! XFX is now willing to take my motherboard back. If it's deffective they will send a new one. 8^) The down side is I have to send it in and it will be a three to six week turnaround. 8^( I'll have to try and work something out with them. Also I was a bit dissappointed in the customer service. As with many companies, the service has been sent over seas and it was very difficult to understand each other and work out the problem. I love diversity but if your going to have customer relations you need to be able to communicate effectively. Sorry just a little rant.

I HAVE THE EXACT SAME PROBLEM!! When the computer is on, it runs fine but god help me if the power shuts off or the computer turns off for whatever reason! It's next to impossible to get it back on!

I've had this problem for quite some time but have been successful in simply switching the power on and off a couple times and that used to always work. However now not even that will work and I am *VERY* frustrated! XFX doesn't support or make motherboards anymore and I can find NO documentation anywhere on their site about getting support or at least a manual so I can find out who to call!

Is there anything I can do!??!?!? Right now my other computer is completely out of commission; I can't get it back on at all!

Same problem, it seems they run for a while and then gradually die, each time it seems harder to resurrect now finally dead.

Reached the point where i never turned it off. Going to have to try and take it back to Maplin (Don't have receipt ~ probably out of warrenty.)

I just bought a brand new XFX 680SLI motherboard from tiger direct. All excited to try the motherboard out from all the exciting reviews on it........guess what?....same problem I's a dead much for the reviews......anyone, think twice before you buy an XFX motherboard......

i want 2 say that when i bought the xfx m.b that because some people told me that it has a high viga or screen card 512
but now i knew that it's vega called virtual that means that it even doesn't work at this rate or number
with this m.b my computer is slow
i don't advice any one 2 buy this mother board
and thnx

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