Hi there
I have a Fujitsu Biblo Lifebook FMV-6500 MF6/X with a c drive capacity of 5.58Gb.
I have a problem with my local disk. It is saying that there is NO free space, there is 928kb of space free. I have tried deleting anything not essential but it is not working. When i look at the programs on the machine they do not add up to anywhere near the capacity so i am not sure what is taking up the space?
Any ideas?
Please help.

The page file on you primary partition will take up room that will not be visible. The page file stores information in addition to RAM, usually called virtual memory in that it acts in the same way as RAM.

You should always have free space of 1.5 X your ram, so for 256mb you should have about 400mb free.

Which Windows version are you using please? If you are running Windows XP you shouldn't be, because that hard drive is too small!

That is a small hard drive.

Less than 1 meg of free space is virtually the same as none...

Like the Weasel says..
What OS are you running?

What else have you installed, word processing, games etc...?