Computer was working fine and I was moving the ethernet cable from one port to another and when I reattached it the computer just switched off...and on restart was beeping constantly.

I took out the battery on the mobo (to reset it) and it will restart fine and seems to be booting up (by sound of it anyways) but there is no video output. I have tested it with an older (known working) card but still nothing.

It also will not turn off by holding the power button and the only way I can power it off is by switching the off switch on the rear on the PSU.

Help please??



should also say that I have cleared the CMOS, tried another VGA card, tried powering on with just basics installed and tried another monitor...always the same problem arrghh

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the motherboard/video card chip may have been damaged, or the cable may just have a bad connection


Does this motherboard not have any on-board graphics?

You said you tryed it with just the basics; have you tried starting the machine with all the drives disconnected?

Also you may want to try reseating you RAM modules. If you have a few memory modules try swapping some memory out.

Did you struggle pulling out the Ethernet cable? (maybe damage the network connection)
Also why did you switch ports?

- Let us know how it goes.

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