I just replaced the mother board in my bosses computer, old one was dead (bad caps) what do I need to do to boot the machine back up?

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Have you tried anything so far?

Is the motherboard the same as the previous one or is it different?

If it is exactly the same as the last one (except for the damage) you should be okay reconnecting everything and that should work, but if it is different then the OS will need to be reinstalled.

If there is data on the hard drive then you may want to back it up.

- Let us know how it goes.

Thanks I actually had 2 boxes both had bad caps, I replaced the first mother board and upon restart the machine hung up in manufacturing mode. I panicked a little, but my boss just tried both and said they took a little while to boot then asked for a reboot and are now fine.
Thank you for your response. All is well

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