I have an IBM ThinkPad T22 It is about 2 - 3 years old I am not totaly sure because I received it as an x-mas present this year. Every time or just about every time I shut it off or put it into sleep mode or close the screen it locks up forcing me to take the battery out to shut it off because alt+ctl+del. does not work when its frozen nor does the power button. It is becoming a presistant problem. It will come up saying "hard-drive not found please re-install hard-drive" or operating system not found. I believe it is the cmos battery. I re-set the time and sometimes it works other times it doesn't sometimes I have to plug it in for a few minutes then it boots up into windows just like I pulled it out of the box. It is still under warrenty untill september of '04. My dad had to re-install IE6 because it got messed up when it forgot the hard drive. can someone help me? This laptop was really expensive and I appreciate any and all help thanks.

We use T-21,22,23,30, and 40 at my job. Rule of thumb here is never to put a laptop into sleep mode. Microsoft doesn't even recommend this. As far as having to disconnect the battery, have you tried just holding down the power button for 10+ seconds?

I think my dad fixed it. he went to IBM's webpage and found some trouble shooting tips or something like that. He pulled the hard drive out and cleaned the contacts and it's been working fine since. thanks for your help

.....Rule of thumb here is never to put a laptop into sleep mode. Microsoft doesn't even recommend this.

why don't you put it in sleep mode? My laptop did that but I have since changed the settings because it was a pain in the neck everytime you closed the screen.

When a laptop is in sleep mode, the hard drive does 'lock' itself. Thus, when the laptop is moved the hard drive and it's controller arms are moving. This could cause serious physical hard drive damage.

I once killed the data on my laptop after dropping it while it was spinning up .. OOPS :(

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