hi everyone,
My problem is big i think, and would appreciate any but all help i can get.
My PC is a Acermate model 5120 pentium 120mhz.
Its original operating sys was win95
then it was upgraded to win98
It was extremely slow on net and some applications
I was advised to reformat hard drive and re-install win 98 + programs of choice, i reformated hard drive, and since then cannot re-install win98 0r 95, i get the error message on setup - SU0013
The message tells me to install ms-dos partition, it tells me that there not enough room for that
I am now stuck with a computer with no operating system at all, im getting frantic as everything i try does not work.
But i do know that it can take win 98 as that was on it before.
Please help me guys:sad:

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Error SU0013 Setup could not create files on your startup drive and cannot set up Windows. If you have HPFS or Windows NT file system, you must create an MS-DOS boot partition. If you have LANtastic server or SuperStor compression, disable it before running Setup. See SETUP.TXT on Setup Disk 1 or the Windows CD-ROM.

This error can also occur if you try to install the retail version of Windows 95 over an existing installation of OSR2 on a hard disk using the FAT32 file system.

This error can also occur if you are running EZ Drive and you have the Floppy Boot Protection option enabled in EZ Drive. You should be able to resolve this error by disabling the Floppy Boot Protection option in EZ Drive.

The third-party product discussed in this article is manufactured by a vendor independent of Microsoft; we make no warranty, implied or otherwise, regarding this product's performance or reliability.

Make a boot disk in the floppy, and boot from this drive.

Have format and fdisk on it for that version.

Run fdisk on the hard drive and when that it is done type:
fdisk /mbr to clear the master boot record of the c drive. (it will return to prompt)

Now format the c drive and other then boot to install win98 by running a setup disk.

clearing mbr with fdisk means that any OS thinks the system is fresh and never had an os installed on it, allowing more OEM os's

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