Okay, the other day I was an idiot :rolleyes: and decided to change my boot screen file (ntskornl.exe).....well I did it, and it changed it. But when I go to turn on the computer, it goes thru the boot screen then when it is supposed to go to the blue logon screen, it goes to a black screen, then just re-starts itself. I even tried in safe mode, and it does the same thing.
How can I get into the computer, to change that file back? I did make a backup of the original one. Can I get back into the computer at all?
I even tried booting up from the XP Disk, and it goes thru the startup process....then asks me if I want to Setup XP or Repair it. So I clicked the Setup part...Then a screen comes up and gives me a choice of where I want to setup at, or if I want to Repair.So I clicked Repair, and it goes thru all the setup files, then the computer restarts, and when it turns back on, it goes right into the XP installation. Well all it does is sit there. For hours, and does nothing at all. So i tried it again, and then it will say "windows has previously tried to install, do you want to continue upgrading or install a new copy" so i clicked the continue upgrading part, and it goes to the XP install part again, and does nothing...
:evil: I am so angry:evil: ....I can not afford to lose any info that is on my laptop. Can someone PLEASE tell me what I can do. Is there a way to just go in and change the ntskornl file, even if you can not boot up to XP?
I am so desperate....PLEASE HELP ME!!!!

It's like Dayja view all over again

try booting to safe mode, or try booting to the last known good configuration

this will teach you never to play with your system files again :)

You should be able to replace the new file if you use the "F8"-key immediately when the pc starts booting. If not try using the XP recovery consol, which should be an option when you boot with the XP-CD. Look for it in the instructions, it should be something with using the R-key a couple of times during boot-up through the CD.

It's more or less like booting in to old DOS, and should give you ample opportunity to copy/replace any files you like.

you could also make a small partion and install win 98 on it.
boot to win 98 and change the file you want.
then delete the partion you made.

you could also make a small partion and install win 98 on it.
boot to win 98 and change the file you want.
then delete the partion you made.

If they are using xp/with ntfs file system win 98 will not see XP!

You got that right CaperJack! 98 Is not of any use.

I would go with reader's suggestion. Most likely to solve the problem.

Let us know of your result Inmatesgirl!

Your first task should be to save the data. How much time do you have. You can buy an adapter at www.geeks.com, CompUSA and computer parts stores that will enable you to put the drive into a desk top as a slave then drag all the data over to the desktop hard drive. Cost: $7.00 or less. There are many other systems as high as $80 that will save your data.
Anything you can do to fix this problem puts you at risk of losing your data.
We need to know the brand, model, age, and type of data on this computer.
Can you afford to take it to a skilled repair person and have them rescue it for you? That will save you a lot of time, won't be that expensive (perhaps $55 - just guessing based on what I would charge) and will reduce your stress level significantly.
Why did you want to go change this file (ntskornl.exe) anyway? Have you made other changes to this system.