:sad: Hello everyone!! Im new here and Im having a problem with my computer. Im running off of Windows XP home edition and my computer keeps freezing up. Ill be searching the web or listing to music or even around my computer then all of a sudden it freezez up for no reason.I can't move my mouse or the Zone alarm bars freezes, I cant push ctrl, alt, and delete...that does not work either. I have to push the Button to turn it off.Sometimes it will freeze again when i log back on but sometimes i will be on for 5 maybe 10 or maybe 20 minutes and it will freeze up again. I have no adware or spyware or no viruses. I ran a check on my computer and it has no errors and i know its not over heating because i have the side off so another fan can blow in there. But whatever its doing it destroyed my other hard drive. My dad knows alot about computers but he dont even know whats wrong with it. I dont have any more patients with this thing.PLEASE someone help me!!!!!!! :sad:

Hi Essence22,

First of all- welcome to our site!

We don't work on technical problems in this particular forum, but I'll move your post to our Troubleshooting Dead Machines forum so that our technical troubleshooters can help you out :)

Start with the basics.
Test your memory first. Run a memory test utility like memtest86 while your memory is installed or remove your existing memory and install known good memory into only one DIMM slot at a time. If your memory passes, check for loose or unseated cards in the computer, loose cable connections, and make sure your power supply is putting out the proper voltage. Look at the most recent changes to your system, both software and hardware, and try to remember if the problem started shortly after making any of the changes. If all these items check good and you are sure your computer is free of any virus or spyware, check the programs loaded during Windows startup. You can see the programs loaded by clicking on "Start" then "Run" and typing "msconfig" in the command box. A window will pop up showing the Windows startup options. Select the Startup tab and review the programs that load when Windows starts. If anything doesn't look right, you can uncheck it or do a google for the process name if you are unsure. You can also uncheck all the processes and restart the machine to quickly see if any of the startup programs are causing the problem. If the problem goes away, then add the start up programs one at a time until the problem returns. The last one added should be the cause.

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