I have a Sony ATAPI cd burner and am unsing B's Clip 3.11.

I am using Win 98se.

It has worked fine for years. Then all of a sudden it won't read a cd. When one is inserted, which know to have data on it, B's Clip want to format it. With a blank cd is inserted it also wants to format it, and tries for about 15 minutes, then sends an error message.

If I was for properties of the cd with data on it, it shows a blank disc. I have tried this with several that have data.

I have uninstalled and installed B's Clip.

There is no help on their web page. Too old a version.

Devise Manager says it is working properly. And divice properties are correct.

Hardware problem?


Hi szamsky,
unfortunately maybe I have some bad news.. :(
CD burners optical read/write heads do fail (ie. burn out) or go out of alignment after a while. This could give you the "blank disc" error.
Before you run out & replace it though..
check out the CD/DVD troubleshooting section at my website ..to thouroughly test your CD burner.
Hope this helps :)

I saw your website, but can't figure out how to access your CD help. I don't see an appropriate link. Help?


Hi again szamsky,
To access the CD/DVD troubleshooting help section...
just GoTo the blue navigating bar at the left hand side.. then..
click on "PCs -Fix it Yourself" > "Beginners Charts" > "CD/DVD Trouble".
Let me know if you have more questions.

Great charts. I haven't done the hardware checking yet. After I do I will let you know the results.


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