I am running a Dell XPS 420 Intel Core 2 Windows Vista and the display monitor will turn off and when you try to turn it back on it says "Entering Power Save" on the screen and then the screen will go black. And no matter what I do, I can't get it to boot back up, I have tried tapping F8 to start in Safe mode and it won't even let me do that. The tower just runs, and it sounds louder than usual and the monitor stays black. I have been trying to work with the computer, I noticed that the keyboard's lights are not working so that would explain why I can't hit F8 to start in safe mode. Plus there is a solid amber (maybe you could call it orange) colored light on the power button on the tower. And both cd trays will not open. I even tried to plug in a new monitor and it does not work either. It turns off the monitor and when you turn it back on then it says "entering power save" and then goes black. I tried turning off the tower and monitor and letting it sit overnight and still the same happens when I try to turn it back on.
Also, when I opened the tower and looked inside, in the upper left hand corner behind a plug is green but in the very lower part on the bottom right hand side is amber looking color light button.

What do you think could be the problem?
Thanks for any help given

It is a CPU hardware problem. There are wide varieties of reasons for this problem, range From simple loose connection, and dust particular in ram slot To the dead processor or motherboard.

If you are not confident with hardware troubleshooting, then I recommend you to take your CPU to a nearby hardware shop. The incorrect troubleshooting steps may lead to more damage.

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