Hi all I need help, I replaced the motherboard on the computer. I stared the system back but does no show data on the two mirrored harddrives. I have two questions.
Can I get the dat off there?
How is this done?

Many thanks to all


do you see your hard drives in BIOS? are they IDE or SATA?

I toitally agree with Durenmatt as the drives need to be seen by the bios. What actual BIOS is on the new mlotherboard. Most bios's should detect hard drives! It may be that youneed to consider (but with serious health warnings!) if the bios is actually deteacting the hard drives or does the bios need an update,? You need to check the Bios date and function re your system.

NOt check the bios, how do i do that. The drive are sata doe shtis help

well each motherboard manufacturer has its own bios, so explaining how to use it may be a little difficult....usually when you power on the computer you get a short message that goes like "press del to enter setup" or something similar....and that takes you to a menu where your hard drives should be listed..also if you are using two hard drives you may want to check if RAID is on or off, that may cause problems too...