Hi! am new here. please help..

my powersupply just got blown. the fuse blew up. Now, am having a doubt on wether to check the motherboard with new power supply becoz am afraid that the if the motherboard is already defective .. it might damaged the new power supply..

What is the possibiity of a SHORTED/DEFECTIVE MOTHERBOARD blowing up the POWERSUPPLY?

pls help. juz need to be sure bfore installing a new power supply..


In my knowledge and based on my experience, a faulty power supply may damage a good motherboard but not a bad motherboard damage a good power supply.

In your case, you can safely test your motherboard with a new power supply.

Thank you so much for your help. I juz wanted to be sure...am not an electronic guy but i was just thinking that if some positive and negative lines contacted within the motherboard then the power supply will be shorted =)...

maybe its a case to case basis, i mean the extent of the damage.. it wont be practical to test a burned motherboard with powersupply.. but with no indication of burn.. then i'll take your help..according to your experience as you said..

Thank you so much..:)

Since all the electronic components on the motherboard were all soldered. Therefore, no short connection will occur on it unless you accidentally made a short between them. The burnt mark found on the motherboard is mostly created by a spark from a loose connection.

And I think a short or fault connection from your computer came from the primary circuit of your power supply. Then the secondary circuit is automatically tripped off. So, no output voltage from your power supply is delivered to your motherboard.

You cannot test your motherboard without power supply installed. Charge to experience (sacrifice) or test your motherboard to a shop.

Okay, wait for some other ideas.

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