I have been trying to install a floppy drive to my HP PC.
There is a FDD connector on the motherboard, and I've power the drive with 5V supply.
In the BIOS, I have changed the floppy drive setting from NOT INSTALLED to 3.5" FLOPPY and saved the settings.
On reboot, the floppy was still not recognised.
When I checked the BIOS, it still said NOT INSTALLED.
What am I doing wrong?
(Phoenix Award BIOS)
H E L P !

Few months ago I was faced with the same problem. Took some time to find out (found it on the HP site) what caused it.

Currently I don't have access to a HP machine, so I can't tell you where it is located in the BIOS. But... there are two settings you need to check. You found and changed one already. Without changed the other (:-/ still :-/, can't remember the name), the floppy will never work.

Suggest you check every option in the BIOS. Most likely somewhere under "protection" - not allowing you to read/write from the floppy.

Sorry that I can't help you any further.

make sure you have power plug on correctly and make sure that the ribbon cable is on correctly ,red wire to #1 pin

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