I am adding a secondary hard drive to my dell tower. I am wanting to duel boot Windows XP and Slackware Linux. I currently have only Windows XP on my computer, but I am not sure what formating it has on it.

My question is: what format should I use on the secondary drive for Linux? Does it need to be the same as the format on the primary drive?

Thanks in advance :)

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Hey Sudo Bash,

During the installation of which ever linux disto you choose it will automatically format the drive for you.

Here is a write up on how to dual boot your system with Ubuntu https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBoot.

Another option you might want to consider depending on your resources is running virtualbox www.virtualbox.org which can run linux within your XP installation. If you are running a celeron processor with 512mb of ram it would not be recommended. If you are unsure if your system could handle it you can try it since the software is free.

I have been running Virtualbox for my linux OS on Windows 7 for several months now without a problem.



I use Linux a lot, but I have never actually installed it myself. Thanks for your help.

Not a problem installation is simple now compared to several years ago.

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