I just assembled a PC:

MOBO: pcchips a33g
Proc: AMD Athlon 3500
MEM: Crucial brand 512 MB
Audio and Video: Integrated
Wireless: USB 2.0 Trendnet adapter
HD: 8GB ( small I know, but I store everything externally
Optical: DVD/CD WR

If I run any combination, even a barebone in BIOS, the case fan and the CPU fan are on high, and they are really noisy. "Speedfan" gives me temps, but no control, and there are no vehicles for fan control in the bios, except when to goto high speed. Any suggestion? I've built lots of systems, and repaired lots of systems, but never had one with the fans stuck on high. All above parts are new from the manufacturers.

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hello,did you install thermal past to cpu,it could be that its running hot ,so the fan stays on high ,im looking through the manual for t hat board but see nothing in the bios about control .did you install the mother board driver from the disk after you install windows .did you go into the power options in windows to check settings and make any changes to power options

also Who still makes new 8 gig hdd.lol,

OK, the HD is used, (duh doggy boy), I got carried away there. Paste is applied, and all windows settings are for nothing. All drivers are in, and loaded, no conflicts. I've heard of this happening, but not often, and I've never heard of a fix. Hmmmmm. gets one thinking. The system works great, and stays cool, really cool. Never above 48 deg C.

buy a quieter fan i guess !

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