I need a good referral for data recovery. My firewall failed on machine, got a virus and the disk crashed. I've tried every software solution I know of and even got a tech to check it for me. We both came to the same conclusion - send the HD to a data recovery specialist. The only one knew of was going to charge between $2 - 3,000.00 for the process :eek: , so I'm hoping someone here can refer me based on their personal experience.

Can you help? Then please hit me back and pass on the 411!

Thanks :)

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need to know what virus is on the harddisk before the harddrive crash. Or what the computer does when you try to reboot so that way I have a idea what type of virus it could bethen maybe I can help


Please forgive me, for interrupting, but just out of curiosity, have you tried to slave that infected drive, to another computer, then run virus program, on that drive? I usually use Ewido, and online Trendmicro

You can download a trial version of Ewido here: : http://www.ewido.net/en/

Be sure you update it before using it, and when it finds a problem, be sure to select the check box to do the same action (clean) when it finds a problem, otherwise, you will have to click continue, to keep scanning with every problem it finds.


I do this all the time, with customer hard drives, that are virus infected. You may be able to read the contents, of that drive, and recover the data you want, I have done it many times. It is worth a try, at least $2,000 to $3,000 worth. Good luck!

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