I have a P3 with an old matsonic 7016s MB. Just yesterday I was installing a aureal vortex 8810 under WXP. THe Sb was detected by xp and suddenly it hangs at desktop load. I guess it is trying to retrieve the drivers or something. this only happens with the SB inserted in the slot. ALso the HD makes lot of strange noises. Any idea as to what could be the problem? thnk you

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Hi marcusss,
> hardware incompatibility
> driver program problem
> BIOS setting problem
> you "messed" something up inside the case ?


Just discovered something. THe machine freezes BEFORE I can log on to an XP or 2000 account. THat is , the SB is recognized by the machine, the system starts loading then it gets to the xp welcomming screen where you can choose an account, you can still move the mouse all of the sudden, before you can click on any of the accounts, everything goes frozen, next thing, I have to open up the cpu, remove the soundboard and and it is back to normal. TK


Hi again Marcus,
the most relevant thing you said was

open up the cpu, remove the soundboard and and it is back to normal

Most likely the sound board/card is bad OR IT'S INCOMPATIBLE WITH YOUR OTHER HARDWARE (EG. systemboard/motherboard). Send it back.

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