I wanna buy a desktop however i'm fed up with cheapest solutions which cause problems very quickly, does anyone s got any suggestions about a good quality price desktop ?

i thought about dell...

Tx :?:

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When it comes to pre-configured retail systems, I've always stuck with PowerSpec. Then again, it's almost always better to build your own. That way you have complete control over price, scalability, and power.


Thanks for ur reply,

i guess it s a good idea, i think i m going to buy parts and build up my desktop using different brand for each piece.
But is it really worth building up ur own instead of buying a pre-configured one ?
anyway i ll have a look to PowerSpec. :)


> But is it really worth building up ur own instead of buying a pre-configured one ?
It depends. First, are you comfortable building your own? Can you find a pre-build system that gives you everything you want for a reasonable price? With your desired configuration, would it cost more to build or buy? Do reasearch, my friend. :)


Just a quick note...

There are 2 brands that have been problematic in the past...

First is Compaq and the Second is Packard Bell.

Reason being is that both of these companies will equip their computers with non-standard sized and shaped parts.

example is the power supply.

Which means that if anything dies on it you have to order the new part from them at a higher cost.

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