I own a Compaq Armada 3500 laptop. Recently, I upgraded from ME to 2000. prior to the upgrade, there was a push button that only turned off the monitor. now it causes the system to standby, and this causes it to freeze. It's one of those types of buttons that is pressed when the lid is closed, and I prefer the old setting.

I searched a bit and didn't find a solutio, any help would be aprpeciated.

It's been nearly 2 weeks and this has faded onto the second page. Can anyone offer some help?

Have you checked Compaq's website? They may have an input or a chipset driver that could help you out. Additionally, I'd poke through the settings for Power Management in the Control Panel. That's really all I could think of.

Sorry if it seems like we're ignoring you-- maybe this one's a toughie!

I found some options in power management. I need to play aroudn with them, but the option to just turn of the monitor seems to be gone

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