scousemouse 0 Newbie Poster

my graphic fan sounds as like it is speeding up and slowing down and the screen looks like a tartan kilt (artifacts) i think is the word so took sidepanel off and had a mooch. it was still spinning fast touched it hot as in 3 or 4 seconds
burning the old finger so got a blower of the kids bouncy castle (small one) and put it at side of pc case nearly blew pc off shelf ha ha. anyway the screen is clear now so gets new agp fan for card puts back in pc tartan kilt on screen again. so should i get rid of card and buy an atix800xl.
my pc 3.0ghz medion7012 motherboard 160gb segate hardrive 370watt psu 1gb ddr400 memory and a medion 9800xl graphic card. pc bough from aldi thank in advance p.s. sorry cant work this keyboard

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