Hi folks it's been a while so I don't know if I'm posting in the right place but I'm pulling my hair out. I recently had a problem when my screen started freezing while playing solitare now when I try to boot up I just get a black screen full of zeros. I've done a bit of googling & it's pointing to a dodgy graphics card. Is there any way to rectify this easily as I need to wait for a while before I can purchase another one. Anyone out there can help it would be very much appreciated.

Have you checked that the zero key isn't stuck down on your keyboard?

What mean is, is your zero key jam means it is like soemone holding it down. How old is your laptop?

May be a Faulty RAM you need to swap it with a known good one.

Tried ram in another machine & their all fine i'll be trying the graphics card in the other machine soon before i splash out on a new card hopefully that will be the source of the problem.

Maybe your graphic card is not installed properly or maybe it's time to change a new one.

Do you actually want some help or are you just here to spam? I suspect the latter!

Rik sorry you don't apperciate people looking for a bit of help, but if you must know I don't spam & I have just purchased a new Graphics card things are looking good again. Thanks to all who tried to help.

GerryD, my post wasn't aimed at you. We had a spammer in this thread who has now been deleted. He tried to make out that he had a similar problem to you.

Good luck to you GerryD and bad luck to the spammer. Heard that the spammer got banned and hope all is well for now...
So GerryD do you have any more problems

Thanks again to all who tried to help everything running fine for now.