I have this pink horizontal line that keeps appearing across my display when logged in my computer, starting up, and even when shutting down. I was playing a computer game(in full screen) and when my computer went into sleep mode the game froze. So, when I force quit out of the program this pink line appeared. Please help, I have no idea how to get rid of it.

Can you give me some suggestions on how to remove this annoying pink line?

although I would use a screen shot to illustrate what I mean, the pink line will not show up on the screen shots for some reason.

Much appreciated,

Python User

I've had problems with lots of lines..green ones etc and simply changing my resolution did the trick. Look up your graphis card as well and download the latest drivers for it. If its onboard graphics (hope not since you are playing games) just look up the people who made the computer eg. Dell or HP.

If its a card in a pci slot then of course go to the makers of the card for the drivers eg. Nvidia

If all that fails then go next door and borrow your friend's display and plug it into your computer and see what happens. If its a laptop then you are out of luck but there should be a port for an external display somewhere on your laptop. Another option would be to do a system restore to a point where your machine was working fine.

Best of Luck.

This is nothing but just because of some humidity in environment or may be problem of IC circuit of LCD Screen.So please check it out.

you might need to replace video card

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