Hello all,

who could help me identify the loose cable in my G5 and tell me where it should go? I've attached a picture of it. This morning I noticed a strange reflection coming from behind the grill of the mac and lo and behold: a loose cable! The mac's still working fine so it isn't anything critical. I suspect it to be the cable for the speaker, as I'm using the sound out port on the back for my monitors so I wouldn't notice the difference between the internal speaker working or not working.

It's right at the front, in the upper half and has a sticky thingie attached to it, probably to put and keep it somewhere where it will look esthaetically alright.

All help would be greatly appreciated.


I can't really make it out. If you want to know if it's the internal speaker cable just unplug the external speakers and play a CD or MP3. If it makes sound then it's not that :-) Is it possibly the cable for Airport Extreme?

I cannot make it out, and unforuntaly, don't have access to a G5 to compare, ATM. However, are you sure it's not just a grounding cable?

thank you both so far,

I did what gortonsfi suggested and the internal speaker still produces sound, so it's not the speaker cable. It might be the airport cable though. I'll keep on searching.

Thanks again,

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