I am new to laptops but anyway:
My Vaio was working perfectly. I closed the lid (it was plugged in) and 30 mins later opened it and NOTHING.
My cable had power to it so assume it is OK. The battery was very bad (I had already ordered a new one and am still waiting for it to arrive)I assumed the problem was the battery but it should work OK with just the cable plugged in, or is this not so?
Anyone expect it to work with the new battery or do you have any other suggestions?

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Hello martinijo, good evening. :)

Yeah I think there's a problem with your laptop battery. I read some posts from the other sites that their laptops won't turn-on if the adapter is not plug into the wall socket. And some of their laptops as well will take only 30 mins and it shutdowns. They just replace the battery and all goes fine. But this is just base on what I read. It's up to you if you will believe it.

Take care and God bless. :)

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