Have a Sony Vaio laptop running windows 7 that wont boot, comes up with an error message bad_windows_config then a whole heap of zeros with 74 (and other numbers but flashes too quick to see them)

Specs are: Sony Vaio laptop F Series - VPCF115FG
Intel Core i5-520M Processor 2.40 GHz with turbo boost up to 2.93 GHz
NVIDIA GeForce 310M GPU with CDUA technologoy 512 MB VRAM
Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit

Have tried to do a system recovery, under various different recovery points, have used the file recover to try and at least save the files.
Ran the Sony Vaio diagnostics, and it didnt come up with any hardware errors.

Have done a system restore under various restore points and it tells me that the system restore has worked, but still wont boot.

I have then loaded the recovery disks, and tried to restore C drive, it tells me that no drive is found, and to try complete system restore. Have done that and it comes up with "The capacity of this C: Drive is too small and cannot be resized. If you choose to continue the program may fail"
Then Error 334 appears.

If computer is started without the recovery disk in there, it now tells me no operating system found.

Any ideas on how to fix this??? Laptop was working fine, then next thing wouldnt start up.


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Error seems to be corrupt registry which the last known config should have sorted.

I'll try and look what recovery disc's say, but can you tell me what option;s you tried on the recovery disc's?

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Thanks so much

Before i started with the recoverys yesterday, when computer wasnt looking too bad,
I had tried last known config, but that hadnt worked for me.

The Vaio Recovery centre opens when i put the first disk in the drive

I have tried VAIO Hardware Diagnostics - The quick tests comes up with no errors, when I try under the tools tab, no drives show at all

Next i tried Restore C: Drive it tells me that no drive is found, and to try complete system restore

Tried Restore Complete System - and it comes up with "The capacity of this C: Drive is too small and cannot be resized. If you choose to continue the program may fail"
Then Error 334 appears.

Next down is rescue data, which i have done successfully,
The last is Wipe and Erase Data, which ive been too scared to press ;)

Can you press what ever the BIOS key is F2 maybe several times on bootup.
Load defaults
Save changes
Then try , I think F10 for recovery setup?

will give that a go now, see what happens and report back :)

ok, I did as you said, when I got to the F10 part, its loading the same Vaio recovery screen as before, and same probs as above

under edit boot options, I just pressed enter for....
EDIT windows boot options for: Start Vaio Recovery Center
Path: \windows\system32\boot\winload.exe

{ \MININT RDIMAGEOFFSET=8192 RDIMAGELENTGH=3161088 RDPATH=multi(0)disk(0)cdrom(0)\sources\boot.wim

the C Drive error?

yip, tried the system restore again, plus the hardware diagnostics, and neither work

Have you got all your data off the drive?

What you could check for is, any noises which don't sound right from the Drive.

Then take the drive out if you can ( If you a Techie and machine not in warranty), then put back in and make sure it slots in ok.

I'm trying to find pictures of the recovery console.

Are you sure it is a VPCF115FG as I can't find that model?

its in warranty til august, and its not my computer, so not too keen on doing anything that would void warranty

ive got as much data off it as poss, so im not worried about wiping it all

everything sounds find when its running

she did say she slightly dropped it, so if i take the drive out and put back in, will that void the warranty??

definatley that model, its on the sticker by the keypad. Says its "Ideal AV Entertainment PC" also, if that helps

If it's in Warranty call Sony Tech support, I have a feeling the drive might be damaged, but not sure if you have a harddrive util on that disc.

Best with anything, if it's in Warranty try them first as they can always send replacement disc's and since there site seems to be getting maintenance, i can;t check on the .com Sony site, only the UK one.

Don't tell them it was dropped, just say it had error and now you can;t do a recovery.

cool, thanks for that, will see how I get on with them :)
I will check the sony nz site, see whats on there too

in that tutorial it shows a backup and restore option, it doesnt give me that option on this one

If you have backed up all your data, i would do the wipe and then do the Restore C.

Did the diag show any problems with the harddrive? Did it pick up the harddrive?

so you reckon if I erase/wipe the data, it will let me do a restore??? cos it wont let me do either restore currently.

Diag didnt show any probs, and the advanced one (tools) no hard drive showed

will give it a go now

It will rule out the drive, unless you have lost the Partiton of that drive and maybe why it doesn't think there is a C Drive.

If it wipes the drive ok, then it should allow recovery.

ok, it wont let me wipe/erase data, says select the hard disk to erase and click the next button.
There are no drives listed under "Internal Hard Disk Drive list"

Can you goto the Bios and see if it see's a drive?

Do you have any Windows Setup disc's?

let me know how I do that, F2, then do i just look for a drive???

No, it didnt come with any, just the recovery disks it had us make when the computer was bought

under bios

hard disk drive: none

How Did you make copies of the Data?
And how did the Diag test the drive?

I used the rescue data option on the vaio recovery center, and backed it up to an external drive.

The restore disks where made through the same place under Restore and Backup (that option no longer shows), and were made when laptop was first purchased.

Diag was testing CPU and memory, but wouldnt do anything under the next option

SO never found the harddrive, which would mean, it not seeing it at all.

I would get a small scredriver and open the section where the harddrive is.

Slot it out then put it back in, see if the system boot's.

will let you know how i get on

still not recognising the hard disk

which is weird, cos it was there this morning, and then it wasnt until i tried to run the system recovery, that it disapearred

Have you got a Windows disc or a Friend?

Try contacting Sony, otherwise find a Windows Setup disc and try an install, see if it allows you to see the drive.

No I havnt, I could download one, as I have her serials etc for windows
Will give that a go

Don't want you doing anything illegal, and it maybe best to get a BootCD and see if you can see the drive.

Forgot to ask, what Windows version do you have?

I'll check what your best options are on this.

If you have Windows 7 on yours and the non working one, and they both 32bit or 64bit, you can do this.

Control Panel > Backup and Restore > Create a System Repair Disc

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