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I currently am working on a Sony Vaio VGC-JS230J all in on machine. The hard drive is bad which is the root of our problems. I need to disassemble the machine to reach the hard drive but I have small experience working on the sony all in ones and need some help. I looked for some online help but no luck. If someone could direct me on how to disassemble this thing it would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

Easy T

first you gotta get in. keep in mind that the screen (LCD/LED) is probably held onto the frame of the front with some kind of adhesive. i would go at it from the back. look for any screws you can take out. more screws may be hidden under stickers, so push down on any that you see to find out if something is under them. be very careful and don't apply much force if you encounter resistance. sometimes you may need some force because of plastic pieces designed to hold the framework together. try to watch videos of teardowns of other all-in-ones because they're pretty much the same once you get to it. so it may help to watch teardowns of sony all-in-ones because each manufacturer has their own tricks that they use to secure the cases.

Thanks for the reply! I should have also told you that I have taken all the screws out from the casing already! Haha. This is the big issue. This one is just a weird design. I'll keep trying! Thanks!

try to see if there's any section that gives more than any other... additionally, the case itself could be held together with adhesive.

i think i found the manual... this should be all you need. let me know if the link doesn't work for you, but it should.


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