I have a Sony Vaio PCG-FRV37 that I'm trying to repair for a friend. I checked the power supply then charged the battery for hours, it will not make any noises only the green power light & amber battery light come on for a second as if the battery were dead. with the battery out & running on PS, same thing. He said it was working fine until he put it away for a spell. I have taken it apart several times checking for loose connections etc. Any help is appreciated, thanks, rgrut.

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Take out the motherboard, and inspect the power connector-to-motherboard solder joints. Look for hairline cracks in the solder. Resolder if you find any. Also test for power coming in while the motherboard is out, see if the board is receiving power.

Thanks dogbreath077, I'll give it a try when I get time, could be the problem. I haven't taken the mother out yet but close.

Have you tried the 'Reset' button on the bottom of the pc??? (Press the reset button with an opened paper clip.)
Using the reset button, you may be able to get the pc to boot.
I have a PCG FRV37 that does the same thing.
I'm confident that the problem is cold solder joints on the RAM slots.

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