I have been wanting to buy an external hard drive for some time now. I'm now wondering which one I should take. I'm looking for one with 1.5-2TB of storage capacity.

Now what I think is weird is this: For a LaCie 2TB drive I have to pay 219€ if I order it from their site. If i now go to the site of a third party hard ware seller I see 124€ for
a Western Digital WDBAAU0020HBK.

I've been googling a bit for reviews but that doesn't really give good results. Why is there such a big difference in price? Is it just the exterior of the drive, or are also data transfer and reliability different? And is it worth the extra money?



Take care here! I had a bad time with an external drive as it said it was all singing all dancing with its own 'filoing' system software to make it easy to use!
In fact I needed a 'virgin' external USB hard drivce as I was going to use it on linux or a digital satelite receiver and in those cases you have to be able to format the drive in a non NTFS format. However the all singing software was not on the drive it was in the drive chips and could not be disabled and so it was impossible to reformat in anything other than NTFS. So that explains some significant differences that are not put in the sales literature.

Well the rates can deffer from states to state. I will recommend to buy a branded one.