Hello, I got a hard drive from someone and it had a Recovery Partition on it that I couldn't get rid of. I was Messing aroung with Hirens Boot CD V10.0 under the hard drive tools and went to HDDERASE. Gave me a password (idrive) then started and said app. time was 106 min. 3 1/2 hrs later it was still on the same page so i pushed the Esc button. It restarted the Pc and after the logo disappears It says "ENTER HDD PASSWORD." I enter the password it gave me and it keeps asking for password. After the third attempt it shuts pc off. Can anyone please tell me how to get rid of this!

If the wizardry software that you've chosen DOESN'T have a means to PARTITION then FORMAT use your OEM (xp/vista, etc.) setup menu to do the task. It would work better if the drive were the only one running at the time.
Format (HDDERASE) can NOT remove Partition information off of the drive. Remove (overwrite) the existing PARTITION off of the drive THEN you can do what you want with it.

I don't think you can write into ata locked hdd. It need to be in unlock state before you can write into it. Read about ata password first before you comment about removing partition etc.

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