Hi guys,

Need your help please folks my wifes laptop a hp pavilion zv6000 running on windows vista home premium,the laptop comes on and says configarating 3 of 3 gets to 75% ( but you dont see this happining) and shuts down. This happens all the time,she cant even get on the desktop to do anything,same process and same thing happens constant,please help! any help appreciated,keep it simple if at all poss,were both not clued up at all with these things.

Thanks in advance.

Will the system allow you to boot into Safemode by pressing F8 during the boot process?


Thanks for your reply,it lets us get to safemode however then up comes the problem config 3 of 3 and procedes to shut down again.


sounds like your computer is trying to do windows updates. Some where in the update something isnt working, i would try to turn off the updates.

So how can we turn the updates off? we cant even get past the config stage its like it just freezes/crashes at 75% complete then switches off and starts all over again,its testing my patience now,the back wall looks so tempting lol

Thanks for your suggestions tho.