Unfortunately need some help here with what probably is a simple problem. Recently my son turned off his desktop at the wall while it was running. Since then when we try to restart the computer it will not boot. The screen remains blank, the hard disk does not start, and a audible beep can be heard. My immediate thinking is that the hard disk might be damaged.

Any thoughts....

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No gurantee for results BUT--try turning on the computer while rapidly pressing the F8 key. If you are lucky it should open a screen display with a menu of choices to choose from. Choose what best suits your needs (probable the "boot normally" option (or some wording like that.

Is the beep 1 short beep or is it multiple beeps?

if it is multiple beeps your harddrive maybe corrupted...what i would do, i would strip the computer down.


if all else fails. just buy a new hard drive.

if oyur system is not booting thee system is not getting particular boot path.

Would you guys please stop giving FALSE ADVICE!

I need to know the beep code so I can help give the correct advice. If you don't know stop trying to help your going to cause more problems than solve.

I remember why I left this forum now, its because so many people on here are giving incorrect and potentialy dangerous advice. By telling this person, "o its your hard drive" or to "strip the computer down, and remove parts at random" you may end up costing him alot of money in broken parts past the actual issue.

if your Desktop will not boot means that your system file can not find particular path for boot.

if your Desktop will not boot means that your system file can not find particular path for boot.

Not true,
It sounds like his desktop is not even posting and the gpu is not even initialising if his monitor is not reciving a signal. Its not even getting to the point that it can even read the MBR let alone a point that can read the system file.

Let me clear a couple of things up for you. The system file not being able to find a path would mean the system has booted, but has halted at the point that it can't find the path to a specifed file.

I will repeat again, incase you did not understand. STOP GIVING FALSE ADVICE.

pls help my system will attemp booting and stop, though the system is running but the screen is black. what should i do.

1. This thread is "old and abandoned"--you should have opened a new thread.
2. You haven't given any real information for one to go on:Tell us what computer you have, what is your OS? What happened before your trouble appeared?

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