Im in a pickle here,a tasty pickle but still a pickle. I cant decided between a 19 inch CRT monitor or a 17 inch LCD, right now I am leaning towards the CRt because it is flat screen and bigger, also cheaper. I need this monitor for gaming so I think the CRT will be better for that.

and I also dont like how the LCd monitor's picture looks dark when you look at it from different angles.

So whats better a 19 inch CRT flat screen
or 17 inch LCD?

and also this might be an opinion question so if your gonna start arguing don't answer to this question.

Note that a 17" LCD has a viewable area comparable to that of a 19" CRT.

The dark picture issue you speak of has been improved - test drive any LCD monitor you plan on buying (this will also reduce the chance of buying one with dead pixels).

For minimal motion blur in an LCD screen when playing games or watching a DVD movie, ensure your choice of monitor has a response time (time it takes for the individual pixels to change colour) of at most 16ms (less is better).

An LCD screen looks best at its native resolution. Lower resolutios do not look good at all, and higher than native resolutions are not supported.

Make sure you get a screen with a decent warranty, especially if you plan on buying LCD technology - read the dead pixel section carefully. The best manufacturers offer replacement if ANY dead pixels appear during a certain initial timeframe (a week...?).

I bought a PerfectFlat screen CRT monitor 19 inches 18 inches viewable, not 17 inches like an LCD.

Personally, I'd go for the CRT if I was to be gaming frequently. IMHO, the images tend to be more crisp on the CRT. Besides, even though it's bigger, if it's cheaper, you'll probably end up with a better value in terms of quality/screen size.

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