My Thinkpad T22 is having problems booting. The battery light and the left green light turn on okay, but more often than not (and the problem is getting worse) the machine won't start.

I've read many, many threads on this all over the web, as it's apparently not an uncommon problem, and have tried just about everything suggested: holding the power switch down, taking all the peripherals out, letting it sit in the refrigerator with the battery removed, et cetera. About the only thing that "works" is to let it sit for a few days, ie try every day and hope it will boot.

My question: has any definitive cause of the problem been found? I have read speculation that a capacitor on the motherboard might be bad. Is that it? Or is it something else? There's nothing wrong with the (Li-Ion) battery and the power supply. I am planning to replace the CMOS battery.

The data and the peripherals are all okay, so I guess I could get a new machine; but this thing has been useful and I'd like to keep it around if possible, even when I do get something newer.

Thanks for any help.

Seems as tho the CMOS batt. changing is your best bet at this time.
the "frig" trick is sometimes useful for a failing drive but only long enough to get your stuff off of it if possible.
W/out the correct info (support) from the BIOS the unit has no idea what to do with anything.

I have the same thing with an R30. Replace the CMOS battery.

Thanks, guys.

I now have the new CMOS battery. Unfortunately the manual doesn't give good information about how to get the old one out. I've taken out the big battery and the screw holding the CMOS battery holder to the case. The manual seems to imply that I can just pull the holder out, but it won't come out. Something is still holding it in (in the top left corner, where the wires are attached), My guess is that there's still a screw to be removed, and I can't find it. Do you happen to know of any replacement instructions for total dummies? Thanks again.

the CMOS batt. is probably held in via a simple clamp, most likely as described in your manual. don't think it worth you while to look for a screw, etc. some clamps are made of metal others may involve a plastic retainer which you surely don't want to break. use patience.

Usually you can just flick the button battery up and out of the base unit.

Not with this thing. Won't come out.

Oh, well. I guess I'm going to have to pay some repair guy to show me how to do it. I still think I'm missing something childishly obvious here.

(And, after all this, it had better be what is wrong with the %$#^@ machine!)

Thanks again.


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